Poetry Appreciation

When teams arrived at the first location, Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir, they found a letter from Mr. Boddy and the following poems on individual strips of paper in no particular order:

Watergate ruined
A legacy in China
So sanguinary

He was racist but
I say oy vey his fourteen points
Could have been useful.

His first oration
Led to his untimely death
Of a horrid cold

The Arkansas lad
Gave long speeches and was not
Known for concision

A battle Cajun
Put this early democrat
On the twenty bill

His Stanford degree
Made no more sturdy his reign
Over depression.

Against the Nazis
On and on he would still harp;
Buttons say “I like…”

When he used the bomb
Deadly, nuclear wind saw
An end to the war

A fellow famous
For writing words that began
“When in the course of…”

As a good catholic,
He just wanted to help the
South Vietnamese

The next with his name
Was his son whose second name
Began with a Q

Famous actor left
Democrats with a feeling of

They say Illinois
Is the land of him, but he
Came from Kentucky

The farewell address
Set foreign policy for
A generation

A great general
Is the man who bested Lee
At Appomattox.

A close election
Ended with help from Karl Rove,
A politico

He brought a new deal
And tried to appoint judges,
Six extra in all.


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